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San Gioveto Grosso

'San Gioveto Grosso' er en drue, man bruger til produktion af vin. 'San Gioveto Grosso' bruges typisk til produktion af rødvin. Man mener, at 'San Gioveto Grosso' oprindeligt stammer fra Italien, men den kan måske også være brugt andre steder under andre navne.
Der findes flere andre navne for 'San Gioveto Grosso', der kan variere fra område til område og land til land. 'San Gioveto Grosso' kendes blandt andet som: {article_link word="Sangiovese"}, {article_link word="Brunelletto"}, {article_link word="Brunello Di Montalcino"}, {article_link word="Calabrese"}, {article_link word="Cardisco"}, {article_link word="Chiantino"}, {article_link word="Cordisio"}, {article_link word="Cuocignola"}, {article_link word="Gabba Cani"}, {article_link word="Guarnacciola"}, {article_link word="Ingannacane"}, {article_link word="Lacrima"}, {article_link word="Lakhdari"}, {article_link word="Lambrusco"}, {article_link word="Lambrusco Mendoza"}, {article_link word="Maglioppa"}, {article_link word="Montepulciano"}, {article_link word="Montepulciano Primutico"}, {article_link word="Morellino"}, {article_link word="Morellino De Florence"}, {article_link word="Morellino Di Scansano"}, {article_link word="Morellone"}, {article_link word="Moscatale"}, {article_link word="Moscatele"}, {article_link word="Negretta"}, {article_link word="Nerino"}, {article_link word="Nerino Sanvicetro"}, {article_link word="Niella"}, {article_link word="Nielluccia"}, {article_link word="Nielluccio"}, {article_link word="Niellucciu"}, {article_link word="Pigniuolo Rosso"}, {article_link word="Pignolo"}, {article_link word="Pignolo Rosso"}, {article_link word="Pignuolo"}, {article_link word="Plant Romain"}, {article_link word="Primaticcio"}, {article_link word="Prugnolino Dolce"}, {article_link word="Prugnolo"}, {article_link word="Prugnolo Di Montepulciano"}, {article_link word="Prugnolo Dolce"}, {article_link word="Prugnolo Gentile"}, {article_link word="Prugnolo Gentile Di Montepulciano"}, {article_link word="Prugnolo Rosso"}, {article_link word="San Montanino"}, {article_link word="San Quioveto"}, {article_link word="San Roveto"}, {article_link word="San Zoveto"}, {article_link word="Sancivetro"}, {article_link word="Sangineto"}, {article_link word="Sangiogheto"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Crni"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Dal Cannello Lungo"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Dal Cannello Lungo Di Predappio"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Di Lamole"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Di Romagna"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Dolce"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Elba"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Gentile"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Grosso"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Nostrano"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Piccolo"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Piccolo Precoce"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Romagnolo"}, {article_link word="Sangiovese Toscano"}, {article_link word="Sangiovete"}, {article_link word="Sangioveto"}, {article_link word="Sangioveto Dell'Elba"}, {article_link word="Sangioveto Dolce"}, {article_link word="Sangioveto Grosso"}, {article_link word="Sangioveto Montanino"}, {article_link word="Sanvincetro"}, {article_link word="Sanxhoveze"}, {article_link word="Sanzoveto"}, {article_link word="Tabernello"}, {article_link word="Tignolo"}, {article_link word="Tignolo Sointovese"}, {article_link word="Tipsa"}, {article_link word="Toustain"}, {article_link word="Uva Abruzzi"}, {article_link word="Uva Canina"}, {article_link word="Uvetta"} & {article_link word="Brunello"}